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Do-It-Yourself On Demand Discs – Gung-HoDiscs.com

In 2013, after 30 years of successfully managing custom “behind-the-scenes” disc programs for our B2B clients and their customers, we decided to offer do-it-yourself on demand disc solutions to the public and launched Gung-HoDiscs.com.

ghd-ccdblue-web Gung-HoDiscs.com is our do-it-yourself on demand disc duplication site where users can create their own CDs and DVDs that ship within hours after an order is received.
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Managed Disc Programs – Duplication & Replication

We Have The Right Equipment For The Quantity You Need

We offer professionally managed custom disc duplication and disc replication programs for CDs, DVDs, and BDs (Blu-ray Discs). All of our manufacturing equipment is designed to produce the highest quality product and our full range of equipment allows us to manufacture your products using the most cost-effective equipment for the quantity you need. If you need one-offs or short runs, our on demand duplication equipment provides the perfect solution. If you need larger quantities, our replication equipment will provide you with lower pricing. And as your quantities increase or decrease, we automatically move your jobs to ensure your total solution includes the most efficient mix of production methods possible.

On Demand One-Offs – Zero Inventory
Our on demand digital printing and disc duplication equipment cost-effectively produces one item at a time. Manufacturing does not begin until an order is placed so there is no costly inventory. And since each item is produced individually, we can even add unique product and customer information so you can personalize everything you sell.
Short Run 5-250 Quantity – Minimal Inventory
Our short run digital equipment is designed to cost-effectively manufacture low quantities of 5 to 250 units. Unit costs are lower than on demand because of larger production runs. Inventory is kept to the minimum necessary to satisfy short-term fulfillment requirements. And we closely monitor inventory to reduce any cost of obsolescence and to allow for future product revisions.
Long Run 250+ Quantity – Managed Inventory
For larger runs, such as a new release, our offset printing and disc replication equipment is used to achieve the lowest unit cost possible. Inventory typically moves quickly to fill the distribution channel. Then, as your need for larger quantities decreases, we automatically move your manufacturing to our more cost-effective short run and on demand equipment.

We Seamlessly Integrate Your Requirements With Our Manufacturing And Fulfillment

For most of our disc programs, orders are sent to us via an API then we dynamically produce and ship the disc products on an as needed basis. The process is real-time and most orders ship the same day they are received. All disc art and masters are stored electronically for future use and all order and shipping information is available online for billing and order tracking. We also provide a full suite of email technologies to automatically keep you and your customers informed regarding all aspects of production and distribution.

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