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The Concepts Are Simple

1. We save you money by delivering your physical products and digital e-content to the world in the most cost-effective manner, and
2. We make you money by providing state-of-the-art tools that increase your sales using the power of the Web and social media.

The Results Require 30 Years Of Experience

For over 30 years, we have worked closely with the leaders of the high-tech industry. We saw the issues they faced then we developed our powerful and innovative GENIE technologies to cost-effectively deliver their physical and digital products. We also ushered in the Web and use virtually every major new e-commerce technology as a means to deliver our clients’ content as well as increase their sales.
Milestones in Our 30 Year History Of Innovation >

We are not new to today’s challenges, we grew up with them. Our time-tested capabilities and GENIE technologies uniquely qualify Gung-Ho as the single-source solution that can cost-effectively deliver our clients’ physical and digital products as well as grow their sales using the power of the Web and social media.

John L. Wade, Founder & CEO, Gung-Ho Company


Our Solutions Reduce Your Landed Cost

Landed Cost = Product Cost + Order Processing Cost + Fulfillment/Distribution Costs + Shipping/Transportation Costs

Simply stated, “Landed Cost” is the “total cost of a product once it has arrived at the customer’s door.” At Gung-Ho, we always focus on Landed Cost because that is the true total cost our clients ultimately pay to get their products delivered to their customers worldwide.

Landed Cost includes the cost of the products; the cost to receive, assemble, and store the products; the cost to process the receipt of an order; the cost to prepare an order for fulfillment or distribution; plus all shipping and transportation costs to get that product delivered to the customer within a specified time.

It is clearly advantageous to reduce the cost of each and every component of landed cost since that allows the seller to lower their final selling price and/or increase their profit margin associated with the sale.

How Gung-Ho Minimizes Landed Cost: First, we analyze the product specifications and usage requirements to determine the most cost-effective mix of Gung-Ho manufacturing and distribution facilities. The analysis includes utilizing Gung-Ho’s Least-Touch Assembly where our manufacturing facilities receive drop-shipped parts and assemble them during the manufacturing process and Last-Touch Fulfillment where we ship directly from the manufacturing facility that produces and assembles the last part.

For large production volumes and broad distribution requirements, we also analyze using multiple facilities to reduce the cost of shipping and time in transit. When the benefits of multiple facilities outweigh the benefits of a single-location, we use our powerful GOAL technology to automatically route production and distribution orders to the facility closest to the ultimate recipient including end-user consumers, retail stores, and distribution centers.

Finally, we use our Go-Figure technology to determine and assign the least expensive shipping method required to get the product delivered on time.

To ensure Landed Cost continues to remain as low as possible over time, we constantly monitor and automatically reduce each element of Landed Cost. With this never-ending focus on Landed Cost, our clients rest assured they are always paying the lowest total cost to get their products to their customers on time.

Our Market-Focused Solutions Add Immediate Value

Gung-Ho focuses on markets where we add immediate value by using our GENIE technologies to seamlessly integrate e-commerce, digital e-content delivery, and worldwide physical product manufacturing and fulfillment. Our clients want Gung-Ho to professionally manage all of the complex day-to-day details so they can concentrate on their core competencies. More importantly, they choose to outsource their headaches to Gung-Ho because they know we can be trusted to get the job done correctly, on schedule and within budget, without a lot of supervision.

Historically, we focused on serving software publishers and others in the high-tech industry. Today, we also serve content owners and publishers of education and training materials, films, music, and games. The following list highlights some of Gung-Ho’s current offerings. More are in the pipeline and will be posted soon.

gunghoprinting-web-logo-ccdblue[1] Gung-HoPrinting.com is our do-it-yourself on demand printing site that provides users with low cost, premium quality printing that ships within 48 hours after an order is received.
ghd-ccdblue-web Gung-HoDiscs.com is our do-it-yourself on demand disc duplication site where users can create their own CDs and DVDs that ship within 24 hours after an order is received.
ghf-ccd-color-web-logo Gung-Ho Films provides filmmakers and studios with solutions guaranteed to increase their film sales as well as maximize the profit they receive from digital and physical film distribution.
PR-solutions-web Physical River provides software publishers and others that electronically deliver digital content with the ability to increase their profits with a no cost, hassle-free physical product distribution program managed by Gung-Ho.
STC-solutions-web SpeakersTrainersCoaches provides information marketers with compelling design to increase their sales as well as efficient physical and digital product distribution to maximize their profits.
dp-web-logo-solutions Demand Publishing provides authors with the tools they need to easily, cost-effectively, and professionally self-publish, market, and distribute their physical and digital content throughout the world.

Our Solutions Make It Easy For You

When we create your custom solution, whether it’s to manage all of the pieces or just one piece, you can rest assured that we will make it easy for you to reap the greatest reward with the least effort.

Our Process: We start by actively listening and engaging in dialog to make sure we clearly understand your immediate requirements and long-term goals. We then present logical step-by-step solutions to reach your goals in a prioritized manner. The solutions we offer will address all of your options and include in the most efficient, seamless, and integrated implementation plan possible.

Our Technologies: We are a “technocentric” company that relies heavily on our powerful and proven GENIE technologies in the design and implementation of your custom solution. But we don’t stop with what we already know. We also ask for your input as to what our technology would do for you in a “perfect world.” And if it’s possible, we will do it.

Our Program Management: Even with all of our technology, making and delivering custom products requires human involvement and our professional program managers are the best. They are experts at managing all of the details. Nothing is overlooked. They are fully empowered and authorized to do whatever it takes – including spending money without managerial approval – to make sure everything is delivered as promised, on time, and within budget.

Our Guaranteed Performance: We know what we’re doing. Our Order Fulfillment Accuracy is 99.999% and we have never lost a client based upon our quality or performance. We do what we say. We even guarantee it with penalties if we don’t – which is easy for us because we’ve never had to pay a penalty! Our Best-In-Industry Performance Guarantee >

What They’re Saying

In our largest rollout ever, Gung-Ho manufactured and distributed over 1.2 million software kits to thousands of retail outlets nationwide during the first week of production. More importantly, they guaranteed they would be able to do it and agreed to pay hefty penalties if they failed – penalties they didn’t have to pay because they performed exactly as promised.

– Gene Goldenberg, Senior VP of Software and E-Commerce, H&R Block

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