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The Difference Is Gung-Ho Technology

At Gung-Ho, we know having the best technology is a key difference between success and failure.

For over 30 years, we have led the industry with our innovative technologies that provide competitive advantage for us and our clients – but we haven’t stopped there.

Today, we continue to enhance our GENIE system and GOLD applications on a daily basis as well as add new features with Go Technologies plug-ins that further define us as the technological leader in the manufacturing and distribution of printed products, discs, and their digital e-content equivalents.

Bottom line: GENIE, GOLD, and Go Technologies provide our clients with competitive advantage that they cannot get from any other company, anywhere, period.

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What Is GENIE?

GENIE, the “Gung-Ho Enterprise Network and Information Exchange” system, seamlessly integrates all commerce activity with Gung-Ho’s worldwide network of physical product manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution operations.

Beyond being a rock-solid information system, GENIE is a complete production tool we use to ensure no detail is missed and that all of your physical products are successfully manufactured and delivered on time and on budget.

GENIE also integrates any required digital content delivery to make sure that all delivery – physical and digital – is seamless, consistent, and simultaneous regardless of the format.

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What Is GOLD?

GOLD, the “Gung-Ho On-Line Data” system, is a secure Web portal to GENIE that is browser-based, intuitive, and easy to use.

We use GOLD to manage your projects and order details. You can use GOLD to quickly and easily get real-time information regarding virtually every aspect of our manufacturing, order fulfillment, and distribution operations.

GOLD is also a simple and secure collaboration tool that allows you, your team, and Gung-Ho to view, modify, and exchange artwork files, media masters, and documents online.

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At A Glance

  • GENIE is Gung-Ho’s system that integrates e-commerce and digital content delivery with product manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution
  • GOLD is a browser-based secure Web portal to GENIE
  • Go Technologies are GENIE plug-ins that add new features

Quick Facts

  • Gung-Ho Technologies are Maintained in a Secure SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center
  • Monthly Order Capacity for More Than 100 Million Discs, Printed Pages, and Packaging
  • 99.999% Order Fulfillment Accuracy for Over 16 Years

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What Are Go Technologies?

Go Technologies are plug-ins to GENIE’s open architecture that add new functionality and features for Gung-Ho’s clients and suppliers.

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Secure SaaS In The Cloud Since 1999

Since 1999, long before all the recent hype about Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing, our GENIE and GOLD SaaS systems have been maintained in a Secure SAS 70 Type II Certified Cloud Data Center that provides 99.999% system availability, rapid scalability, redundancy, and no unauthorized system access.

What They’re Saying

Gung-Ho and its award-winning GENIE and GOLD information systems have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Outsourcing Journal; and have been the subject of case studies published by companies including Microsoft, Citrix Systems, Surebridge, and NaviSite.

When the job was completed, Block informed Gung-Ho that it was missing shipment confirmation data on only 5 packages of the nearly 2.5 million that had been shipped. Gene Goldenberg, Block’s senior vice president, software and e-commerce, calls this performance “remarkable.”

– The New York Times, November 13, 2000

Speed-to-market for time-sensitive printing, packaging, and media products is one of the benefits that the Gung-Ho Company brings to its clients.

– Microsoft, Case Study, Commercial Network Services

Gung-Ho’s exemplary performance in delivering for Block, as well as for the rest of its clients, which include Microsoft Business Solutions and Siebel Systems, can be directly linked to the amount of attention it pays to what some might consider small details.

– NaviSite, Case Study, Manufacturing & Distribution Industry

Over the years, Gung-Ho has gained a reputation for its positive – one might even say “gung-ho” – attitude about doing whatever it takes to meet its clients’ needs.

– Surebridge, Case Study, Publishing, Media and Communications Industries

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