GENIE Components

GENIE Overview

GENIE, the “Gung-Ho Enterprise Network and Information Exchange” system, seamlessly integrates Gung-Ho’s network of worldwide manufacturing and distribution operations via the Internet. GENIE is maintained in a secure data center environment designed to provide high system availability, rapid scalability, and redundancy.

GOLD – On-Line Order Management and Real-Time Information

GOLD, the “Gung-Ho On-Line Data” system, is a secure Web portal to GENIE that enables Gung-Ho’s clients to use a Web browser to manage their orders on-line and receive real-time information regarding virtually every aspect of Gung-Ho’s manufacturing and distribution operations. More about GOLD Features >

GOAL – Advanced Business Logic and Order Routing

GOAL, “Gung-Ho’s Order Allocation Logic,” is applied to client-submitted orders to ensure they are routed to the appropriate Gung-Ho facility based upon product availability and the ship-to destination. For example, if an item is available to ship from multiple locations, GOAL will route the order so it ships from the location nearest to the destination. If an item is not available to ship, GOAL will selectively route the order to the nearest facility that has all of the item’s necessary components and create a work order to build and ship that item.

GOAL can also automatically select the carrier and service type. For example, if the requirement is to make sure all shipments are delivered within two days, GOAL will compare the ship from and ship to locations and assign a less expensive ground service if two-day delivery is guaranteed or upgrade the service to two-day air if ground is not guaranteed.

GOAL also calculates the weight of the shipment and can change the carrier when the weight exceeds the carrier’s cost-effective weight limit (e.g., GOAL can change the shipping method from UPS to LTL if the shipment exceeds 100 lbs).

GOAL is fully customizable and includes logic that can be defined by client, product line, project, release, or specific promotion.

More about GOAL, Go-Figure, and Data Driven Distribution >

GET IT – Electronic Information Transfer

GET IT, “Gung-Ho’s Electronic Transfer of Information Technology,” allows clients and suppliers to integrate their files with GENIE utilizing standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

GET IT can actively pull and push files (“go and get it”) or permit clients and suppliers to push and pull files (“come and get it”) to minimize any internal firewall restrictions.

GET IT automatically searches for new or modified files and can be customized by file type, application, client, or supplier to search at any interval (e.g., every 30 seconds, every 15 minutes, or once a day as a batch process).

GATE – Automatic E-mail Notification

GATE, “Gung-Ho’s Automatic Transmission of E-mail,” allows clients, suppliers, and Gung-Ho to receive automatic e-mail notifications regarding any interaction with GENIE. Typical uses of GATE include sending an e-mail notification that files have been successfully or unsuccessfully transmitted, that orders have been successfully or unsuccessfully received, that shipment confirmations have been posted, and that inventory is getting low.

Another common use of GATE is for exception reporting to provide immediate notification that a request is not possible (e.g., ship an invalid part number, ship a quantity exceeding available inventory, or ship to a P.O. Box via UPS).

The GATE process is customizable by client or supplier and includes a routing list of both “To:s” and “Cc:s” that can easily be changed (e.g., when someone is on vacation).

Note: GATE was originally launched in 1999 as “G-Mail.” In 2004, when Google launched its “Gmail” 5 years after ours, we decided to change our G-Mail name to GATE rather than fight the giant.

GIST – Collaborative Information Sharing

GIST, “Gung-Ho’s Information Sharing Technology,” allows clients, suppliers, and Gung-Ho to collaborate and share information on-line using a Web browser.  GIST enables GOLD Docs users to easily post, view, modify, and exchange artwork files, media masters, documents, and spreadsheets.

GET IT automatically searches for new or modified files every 30 seconds and GATE automatically sends members of the collaborative workgroup an e-mail notification regarding any new or modified files.

Additional GIST features include a selective review and approval process as well as automatic and manual historical archiving.

G-Commerce – E-Commerce The Way It Should Be

G-Commerce, “Gung-Ho’s Electronic Commerce,” refers to the open architecture of GENIE that allows us to easily integrate the financial aspects of GENIE with those of our suppliers and clients.

With G-Commerce open architecture, we can quickly integrate with applications running on different operating systems. For example, when we added the FedEx shipping module to GENIE, we were fully integrated and shipping 5 days after we signed the agreement granting us access to their API.

G-Commerce also provides an excellent environment for rapid development and deployment of new Go Technology plug-ins. For example, when we launched our Go-Station that required the Department of Defense (DOD) approval of Gung-Ho’s ability to securely generate, store, and print Mil-Spec encrypted registration codes and license keys, we were able to start and complete the project in under two weeks.

G-Commerce is flexible so we can easily bolt-on third-party solutions when required and proven technologies exist elsewhere. For example, when we needed financial tools to interact with the USPS, it only took 8 days to incorporate Endicia’s software that they originally developed for Wal-Mart.

Bottom line, our G-Commerce open architecture means we can launch new client programs and projects in just days or weeks instead of the months that others require. And that’s the reason why we say, “G-Commerce is e-commerce the way it should be.”

G-Links – Excel And QuickBooks Data Interchange

G-Links, “Gung-Ho’s Linking Technology,” allows data to be exchanged to and from GENIE using popular software applications like Excel and QuickBooks. With G-Links, our clients can take advantage of the power of GENIE without spending the time and money required for a full IT integration using our standard FTP, CSV, XML, and EDI processes.

Once orders are in GENIE, they are processed just like any other GENIE import and can be viewed and managed in GOLD with all of its powerful tools and reporting features. After GENIE data is imported back into the software application, the data can be used within the native program using that program’s unique attributes and reporting.

ExceLink – Simplified Ordering

ExceLink allows our clients to export their orders to GENIE using standard Excel spreadsheets. For example, a client could use an Excel spreadsheet to upload an entire address list of orders for mass distribution. We would then scrub the address list using our Go-Validate address validation to prevent the expense of shipping, rerouting, and returning shipments sent to bad addresses. After shipping, the new validated list would be returned to the client to use for future ExceLink mass distributions.

QBLink – Simplified Accounting

QBLink allows our clients to export their orders from QuickBooks into GENIE and import GENIE data back into QuickBooks. With QBLink, QuickBooks’ users can easily add GENIE’s powerful capabilities and GOLD’s features to their QuickBooks accounting software.

QBLink also allows Gung-Ho to prepare and deliver QuickBooks-ready invoices for our clients to use in billing their customers – consumers, retailers, and distributors – based upon different pricing models.

G-EDI – Electronic Data Interchange Made Easy

G-EDI, “Gung-Ho’s Electronic Data Interchange,” is an integral part of GENIE and one of the methods Gung-Ho utilizes to interact with its clients and its clients’ customers. G-EDI has the ability to accept and return EDI files as well as export fulfillment data in standard formats using either Gung-Ho’s or the client’s Sender ID (i.e., Gung-Ho can act on behalf of the client for EDI transmissions).

Files may be transferred using a value-added network (VAN) provider or sent directly to an FTP address. In addition to generating customer-specific UCC 128 (including SCC-14 and SSCC-18) carton and pallet labels, GENIE transmits Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) (EDI 856) to retailers such as Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, and Target.

Gung-Ho contracts with retailer-preferred freight carriers that transmit Trailer Manifests (EDI 214). EDI transmissions (856 and 214) can be generated in versions 3010, 3050, 4010, and 4030. When EDI is used, confirmation files to clients can include an 856 ISA control number. The customer’s ISA control number, denoting an Acknowledgement (EDI 997), can be reported upon receipt by GENIE.

GET IT automatically looks for new or modified EDI files every 30 seconds and GATE automatically sends an e-mail notification regarding any new or modified files.

G-EDI has an amazingly high 99.998% ASN Transaction Set accuracy. In fact, it’s so accurate that Gung-Ho is willing to assume financial responsibility for retailer chargebacks caused by a Gung-Ho error.

GUARD – Retailer-Specific EDI, Packaging, and Distribution

GUARD, “Gung-Ho’s Universally Approved Retailer Direct” program, provides the technologies and capabilities necessary to ensure that the retailer-specific EDI, packaging, labeling, shipping, and carrier requirements in the retailers’ routing guides are met.

GUARD combines the power of Gung-Ho’s G-EDI system with the experience of Gung-Ho’s program managers to successfully satisfy both the electronic and physical requirements of the retailer.

We Guarantee No Chargebacks

Gung-Ho guarantees that GUARD will provide retailer compliance, on-time shipping, accurate routing, and no shipping-related retailer chargebacks. We can confidently make this guarantee because we built GUARD ourselves – we had to. After we evaluated third-party EDI systems, we could not find one that would deliver the fulfillment accuracy we provide our clients.

Example: After shipping millions of software kits into the retail channel, H&R Block reported that GUARD provided them 99.998% direct-to-retailer fulfillment order accuracy with only one chargeback for $100 which Gung-Ho paid per its guarantee.

Bottom line: If our performance causes a retailer chargeback, we’ll pay for it.

What They’re Saying

Working with the Gung-Ho Company can be a fulfilling experience. Indeed, fulfillment is what Gung-Ho is all about: The company manufactures and distributes printing, packaging, and media products on behalf of clients from a wide range of industries. When a customer such as Wal-Mart or Staples orders products from a Gung-Ho client, the order is immediately passed to Gung-Ho, which promptly fulfills the order per client instructions.

As a fulfillment vendor, Gung-Ho has to fulfill client orders more efficiently or more cost effectively than its clients can. Gung-Ho succeeds in doing both… through a suite of mission-critical information technology (IT) tools that optimize every link in the fulfillment business chain….

– Microsoft, Case Study, Commercial Network Services

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