Go Technologies

Go Technologies Overview

Go Technologies are plug-ins to GENIE’s open architecture that add new functionality and features for Gung-Ho’s clients and suppliers.

Go-Store – Managed Low-Fee Web Stores

A Go-Store is a Gung-Ho managed Web store where our clients can sell their printed materials and discs and pay a low 10% transaction fee instead of the 30% or more of retail that Amazon and other third parties charge.

Orders placed in Go-Stores can automatically generate on demand production and fulfillment or they can be fulfilled from inventory allowing our clients to benefit from the lower cost of larger production quantities. Our clients can also supply and sell additional products that Gung-Ho does not produce so a Go-Store can function as a complete “one-stop shop.”

Go-Stores Let You Keep The High Commissions Charged By Amazon And Others

Example: Suppose Amazon takes a 30% commission when you sell a $15 film through their store. The cost for the DVD is about $5, their commission is roughly $5, so you net around $5. With Gung-Ho, the cost for the DVD is also about $5, but we only charge a low 10% transaction fee of $1.50, so your net increases from $5 to $8.50 which equals a 70% increase in your bottom line!

That’s not to say, stop selling at Amazon, or any other third-party site. If they can help you increase your sales, use them for incremental business. But when someone visits your Web site, don’t steer them away to a third-party and sacrifice how much you put in your pocket.

Go-Stores Integrate With GENIE

Go-Stores can be integrated with GENIE so all orders from every source – Web stores, call centers, and purchase order accounting systems – are in one secure database our clients can access using GOLD to track their total sales and generate comprehensive reports.

Bottom line: If your current Web store takes a high percentage of your sales price, think about using a Go-Store to maximize the amount you make on every sale.

Go-Cart – Shopping Carts That Increase Profits

A Go-Cart is the free shopping cart included with a Go-Store. With Go-Cart, Gung-Ho acts as the merchant so there are no additional merchant account fees or other checkout costs – everything is included in the low 10% Go-Store transaction fee. Go-Carts are intuitive and easy to navigate so there is less shopping cart abandonment and more satisfied buyers and sellers. Go-Carts also include Gung-Ho’s Go-Validate address validation and Gung-Ho’s Go-Figure shipping cost analyzer for faster delivery and lower shipping costs.

Go-Carts Integrate With GENIE

Go-Carts can be integrated with GENIE so all orders from every source – Web stores, call centers, and purchase order accounting systems – are in one secure database our clients can access using GOLD to track their total sales and generate comprehensive reports.

Proven Go-Cart Performance

Example: After switching to Go-Cart, JIAN reported that they receive more than 11% in additional revenue due to reduced shopping cart abandonment, quicker deposits into their bank accounts, faster and less expensive shipping, fewer customer service calls, and more complete sales information.

Bottom line: If your current shopping cart is not performing the way you think it should, let Gung-Ho review what you’re doing to see if there is a way we can enhance your customers’ experience and create more sell-through profitability for you.

Go-Marketing – Using The Web To Increase Sales

Go-Marketing includes a suite of Gung-Ho tools that harness the power of the Web and the viral nature of social media to increase our clients’ sales. Although the specific tools we use depend upon the type of product being offered and how our client wants to offer it, our marketing solutions typically include a mix of Web Marketplaces and Social Media platforms that leverage off each other to create a “one-two punch.”

Web Marketplaces

Web or online marketplaces are e-commerce sites where our clients provide product information for B2B or B2C sales and Gung-Ho provides the physical product fulfillment and/or digital content distribution. Gung-Ho can optionally provide the financial transaction processing for those sales via a Go-Store or a Go-Cart, or the processing can be provided by a more expensive third-party like Amazon. Regardless of whether our clients are in a single or multiple marketplaces, Gung-Ho can seamlessly integrate all of the pieces to provide a comprehensive solution.

Social Media

Social media is defined as the interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Social media platforms like Facebook provide many unique marketing opportunities that we take advantage of at Gung-Ho: We use its viral nature as a way to grow our clients’ audience, we use its platform as a method to place orders, and we use its connectivity as a means to deliver digital e-content.

Go-Marketing Orders Integrate With GENIE

Go-Marketing orders can be integrated with GENIE so orders from every Web source are in one secure database our clients can access using GOLD to track their total sales and generate comprehensive reports.

Example: For Gung-Ho Films, we use film trailers as a fast and easy way to generate film sales. How it works: A custom movie trailer is created that can be embedded anywhere on the Web. As soon as someone starts watching it, they see “rent” and “buy” buttons that lets them stream the film as a rental, purchase it as a download, and/or order it as a DVD or Blu-ray disc. The trailers can be embedded on most Web sites and shared through multiple social media sites. There is even a built-in affiliate program to optionally compensate those that “spread the word.”

Bottom line: If you want to explore how the power of the Web can substantially increase your sales, contact Gung-Ho to discuss the custom Go-Social solution that will work best for what you’re selling.

Go-Snap & Go-Tap – Fast And Easy Mobile Device Orders

Go-Snap and Go-Tap are new Gung-Ho technologies that enable smartphones and other mobile devices to quickly and easily link to and place orders in GENIE and Go-Stores.

How Go-Snap Works

With Go-Snap, when someone uses their mobile device’s camera to “snap” a photo of a Quick Response Code (QRC), they are linked to a Web page where they can place an order and use a credit card to check out.

How Go-Tap Works

With Go-Tap, when someone “taps” their Near Field Communication (NFC) device on something with an unpowered NFC chip (called a “tag”) embedded in it, they can place an order and pay for it at the same time using a payment method like Google Wallet.

The Future Of Go-Snap And Go-Tap

Although these technologies are new, we expect their popularity (especially NFC with automatic payment) to grow quickly and Gung-Ho is already printing paper products, plastic signs, placards, point-of-purchase displays, and magnetic items with NFC tags embedded in them.

Bottom line: If you’d like to “tap into” the rapidly growing number of purchases made on mobile devices, let Gung-Ho show you the wide variety of Go-Snap and Go-Tap options that can help you increase your sales.

Go-Station – Variable Data Printing For Individualized Order Fulfillment

A Go-Station is a Gung-Ho workstation that provides variable data printing for customized order fulfillment on an order-by-order basis. The individualized printing and custom graphics can be simple (e.g., adding a logo to a packing list or creating a custom “thank you” letter) or they can be more complex and include dynamically generated serial numbers, registration / activation codes, license keys, license agreements, support, training, and/or subscription information. The variable data can be supplied by the client and/or created by GENIE. All data is securely stored within GENIE and is accessible for client viewing, reporting, and local printing using GOLD.

Our Go-Station is DOD Approved

Example: For FVC, GENIE dynamically generated registration codes and multiple license keys based upon FVC’s specific bills of materials, then our Go-Station provided on-demand printing of warranty cards with registration codes, multiple license keys, and barcodes for each individual item and shipment. More importantly, the FVC program included shipping highly sensitive software and data that required the Department of Defense (DOD) approval of Gung-Ho’s ability to securely generate, store, and print the Mil-Spec encrypted registration codes and license keys.

Bottom line: If your variable data printing is mission critical, you can rest assured that Gung-Ho has the proven ability to handle your unique printing requirements.

Go-Validate – Address Validation That Saves Time And Money

Go-Validate is Gung-Ho’s address validation that checks for potential errors in the ship-to address. Go-Validate is an optional service that can be applied to every order or selectively to orders submitted in a batch. By adding Go-Validate address integrity, our clients’ shipments are more likely to be delivered to their customers on time and, more importantly, our clients save money they would otherwise have to pay for expensive rerouting, returns, and carrier chargebacks.

Go-Validate Works With All Carriers

Go-Validate improves delivery time and saves our clients money for shipments via parcel carriers including FedEx, UPS, and the USPS as well as shipments via LTL and FTL freight carriers.

Example: For Eli Research, Go-Validate dynamically checked a large batch of addresses for a mass distribution and determined that over half of the addresses had errors that needed to be corrected (and were) prior to shipping. If Go-Validate was not used and Gung-Ho merely processed the address list exactly as it was submitted, Eli Research could have been liable for thousands of dollars of unnecessary costs incurred for rerouting, returns, and carrier chargebacks.

Bottom line: If you want your shipments to be delivered on schedule and do not want to incur all of the costs associated with incorrect addresses, then insist on using Gung-Ho’s proven Go-Validate address validation.

Go-Figure – Taking Advantage Of Lower Shipping Costs

Go-Figure is an integral part GOAL, “Gung-Ho’s Order Allocation Logic,” that was first used in 1999 to determine the most cost-effective way to ship over a million kits in a software product launch that had to be delivered to retailers and distributors throughout the United States within two days. How we minimized the cost for shipping: First, Go-Figure compared the three ship-from locations against the multiple ship-to locations, then GOAL assigned a less expensive ground service if two-day delivery was guaranteed or upgraded the service to two-day air if ground was not guaranteed.

Data-Driven Distribution – Reducing The Dollars And Days For Shipping

Today, in addition to using Go-Figure in our advance planning for large mass distributions, we also use it on a daily basis to determine the best way ship based upon historical shipping data that compares actual days in transit vs. actual shipping costs in dollars.

We call this “Data-Driven Distribution” and here’s how it works:
Actual shipping costs and actual transit times based upon actual delivery dates are compiled by Go-Figure to determine the real cost, by carrier and service type, for specific transit times. The Go-Figure results are then captured by GENIE and used by GOAL to automatically assign the least expensive carrier and service type required to get subsequent shipments delivered on time.

Go-Figure Works With All Carriers

Go-Figure saves our clients money for shipments via parcel carriers including FedEx, UPS, and the USPS as well as shipments via LTL and FTL freight carriers.

Example: After shipping millions of H&R Block software kits into the retail channel, Go-Figure analyzed the time in transit against the associated costs and determined that switching from national carriers to regional carriers would save over $500,000 per year. Gung-Ho recommended the change, H&R Block agreed, GOAL was programmed, and H&R Block saved over a half-million dollars in six months.

Bottom line: If you want to achieve the lowest Landed Cost (the total cost of a product once it has arrived at the customer’s door) for delivering your products on time, let Gung-Ho use its multiple facilities, coupled with its GOAL and Go-Figure technologies, to make sure you are always paying the lowest total cost necessary to get your products to your customers on time.

What They’re Saying

As soon as we switched to Gung-Ho’s Go-Cart, we received more than 11% in additional revenue, quicker deposits into our bank account, reduced shopping cart abandonment, faster and less expensive shipping, fewer customer service calls, and more complete sales information.

– Burke Franklin, Founder & CEO, JIAN, Publisher of Biz Plan Builder®

Thank you so much for extending the invitation to us to review your data. Your programs are fascinating! I can see why clients choose Gung-Ho as their provider of unique solutions.

– Jennifer Keller, Field Sales Representative, USPS

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