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E-Commerce Orders

We Fulfill Every Type Of E-Commerce Order

At Gung-Ho, we can fulfill orders from your Web store, a third-party Web store like Amazon.com, or build a branded Web store for you, collect the money, pay any sales tax, and send you a check for the profits. We can also fulfill orders from social media marketplaces, call centers, and purchase order systems. All fulfillment order data from every order source is securely stored in our GENIE system so you have all of your combined sales information in one place to know exactly who is buying what and when, can increase your sales through data mining cross-sells and upsells, and have comprehensive real-time reporting for all transactions.

Web Store Options (click the store image for a live demo)

Combination Of Web Stores

Any combination of the above is possible. For example, you could use your Web store for initial product orders (including electronic downloads) and we could create and manage a branded post-purchase technical support site that provides printed manuals, backup discs, and other technical support materials. Sample Order Screen >

Fulfillment & Distribution

Build-To-Order Assembly

We can preassemble your products so they are complete and ready to ship or we can assemble any mix of your products into custom configurations as needed on a per order basis which we call “Build-To-Order (BTO) Assembly.”

Least-Touch Assembly

We have assembly capabilities at our manufacturing facilities so we can receive drop-shipped parts and assemble them during the manufacturing process which eliminates the costs of double shipping and handling, plus the added time in transit, that are incurred when parts are shipped to a separate facility for final assembly. We call this Gung-Ho cost-saving capability “Least-Touch Assembly” because fewer hands are involved in producing the final product.

Last-Touch Fulfillment

We have fulfillment capabilities at our manufacturing facilities so we can ship to your customers directly from the manufacturing facility that produces the last part which eliminates the costs of double shipping and handling, plus the added time in transit, that are incurred when products are shipped to a separate facility for fulfillment and distribution. We call this Gung-Ho cost-saving capability “Last-Touch Fulfillment” because the last manufacturing facility to touch the final product also does the fulfillment.

Direct-To-Consumer Fulfillment

We can ship directly to your end-user consumers worldwide with optional e-mail notifications, online tracking, and proof of delivery. We ship from locations in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC via the USPS, FedEx, UPS, and additional international and regional carriers.

Bulk Distribution To Distributors And Retailers

We can ship globally to distributors and retailers using our GUARD technology that ensures retailer-specific packaging, labeling, and guaranteed retailer-compliant EDI and ASNs. We ship from locations in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC via international carriers and more cost-effective regional carriers.

Digital Distribution Integrated With Physical Product Distribution

If you have digital products such as software, e-books, streaming films, music, or audio sessions, we can integrate your digital content distribution with our physical product distribution to provide you with a seamless and comprehensive distribution solution. And if you have digital subscriptions, we can also integrate your periodic digital content delivery with our on demand physical product distribution.

Bottom line: If you offer digital versions of your product, Gung-Ho makes it easy to increase your profits by adding a physical product revenue stream. We will manage every aspect of the manufacturing, ordering, and distribution process, then send you the profits.

GENIE Puts All The Pieces Together

From initial order through final delivery, our GENIE system makes sure every step in the process flows smoothly!


Logistics & Supply-Network Management

We Are A 5PL Service Provider

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies provide multiple logistics services including transportation, cross-docking, freight forwarding, warehousing, inventory management, packaging, fulfillment, and distribution.

Fourth-party logistics (4PL) companies provide more services because they manage the entire supply chain which includes the 3PLs.

Gung-Ho is a fifth-party logistics (5PL) service provider that goes far beyond 4PL supply-chain management because we create, build, and manage complex networks of supply chains. We consult closely with our clients, including all aspects of e-commerce and e-business, to develop, implement, manage, and guarantee the best possible supply chains and supply networks worldwide.

Guaranteed On-Time Shipping, Fulfillment Accuracy, And Product Quality

We are extremely proud of our guaranteed best-in-industry performance:

  • We Offer On-Time Shipping Guarantees
  • We Provide 99.999% Order Fulfillment Accuracy
  • We Assume Financial Responsibility For Retailer Chargebacks
  • We Have Never Had An On Demand Print Or Disc Product Return
  • We Have Never Lost A Client Based Upon Our Quality Or Performance

What’s The Secret For Gung-Ho’s Successful Performance?

It’s simple: We do what we say and guarantee it with penalties if we don’t – which is easy for us because we’ve never had to pay a penalty!

What They’re Saying

In our largest rollout ever, Gung-Ho manufactured and distributed over 1.2 million software kits to thousands of retail outlets nationwide during the first week of production. More importantly, they guaranteed they would be able to do it and agreed to pay hefty penalties if they failed – penalties they didn’t have to pay because they performed exactly as promised.

– Gene Goldenberg, Senior VP of Software and E-Commerce, H&R Block

The folks at Gung-Ho not only design our packages and handle all of our production, they inventory our stock and fulfill the orders. It’s like bolting on an entire manufacturing division that’s professionally managed…. In an age of disclaimers, anyone who offers responsibility for successfully completing a job or delivery of a product is golden. John Wade at Gung-Ho never makes any excuses. When we order 20,000 copies of Biz Plan Builder, they go wherever they’re supposed to go, come hell or high water, and the price remains as quoted.

– From the book, Business Black Belt, by Burke Franklin, Founder & CEO, JIAN, Publisher of Biz Plan Builder®

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