Press Release: Gung-Ho Films Is Launched

Indie Filmmakers And Studios Can Turn Movie Trailer Views Into Lucrative Film Sales

New service helps film owners sell downloads and DVDs from click-to-buy film trailers that can be embedded anywhere on the Internet.

Incline Village, Nevada, July 17, 2013 – Gung-Ho Company, a market leader in DVD replication and distribution services, today announced the launch of Gung-Ho Films. With the new service, film trailers become a one-click ordering system, film marketing occurs anywhere the trailer is embedded on the Internet, and film owners retain more profit on every sale.

Film trailers are equipped with “rent” and “buy” buttons that allow the viewer to stream the film as a rental or purchase it as a download. There is also an option to purchase the film as a DVD, which is duplicated on demand and shipped directly to the purchaser within hours of the order being placed.

The film trailers can be embedded and shared anywhere on the Internet – including websites, Facebook and Twitter social media pages and marketplaces, blogs, and forums – allowing films to become viral sensations.

Gung-Ho Films’ highly efficient distribution process allows film rights holders to retain a significantly higher percentage of every film sale than they do through major e-commerce sites. Instead of paying a third party 30% or more in DVD commissions, filmmakers can now sell their products directly from their trailers and bypass third-party resellers.

“We give film rights holders the power to digitally and physically distribute their films directly to their audiences at the lowest cost in the industry,” said John L. Wade, founder and CEO of Gung-Ho. “Film owners no longer have to pay a huge portion of their DVD revenues to the Amazons and Apples of the world. With our low fees, we can easily add 70% to the filmmaker’s bottom line!”

The Gung-Ho Films toolset also enables filmmakers to gather valuable consumer data they can then use to market additional products.

”With the sales information we put at our clients’ fingertips, they can easily increase their sales with targeted campaigns and promotions to sell more film products to their existing film audience,” said Wade.

Gung-Ho Films is powered by a strategic partnership between Gung-Ho and the premier global online film distributor Distrify. Distrify brings online film marketing and distribution to the partnership, while Gung-Ho brings physical DVD manufacturing and distribution.

“Distrify is excited by the massive potential of this partnership,” said Peter Gerard, CEO and co-founder of Distrify. “Gung-Ho’s quality and capability to manufacture and deliver DVDs according to the needs of the film industry is second to none. The Gung-Ho Films partnership provides an end-to-end solution to film companies embracing the way films will be bought and sold in the future.”

About Gung-Ho Company

Gung-Ho Company is a market leader in the manufacturing and fulfillment of printing, packaging, discs, and media products. Gung-Ho specializes in turnkey software manufacturing, on demand publishing, e-commerce, order management, digital content delivery, and physical product fulfillment. Gung-Ho has maintained profitability, operated without incurring any debt, and has never lost a client based upon its quality or performance since it was founded in 1999.

Gung-Ho is headquartered in Incline Village, Nevada, and has a Silicon Valley sales office in Cupertino, California.

For more information about Gung-Ho Films, visit the website at For more information about Gung-Ho, visit the corporate website at or call +1 775 831 3750.

About Distrify Limited

Distrify is the fast-growing online cinema with integrated viral marketing tools offering filmmakers and distributors the opportunity to reach audiences worldwide. The Distrify model turns every film trailer into a VoD player, allowing the viewer to instantly “rent” or “buy” a film. Film fans can earn money by sharing trailers; however, the majority of the revenue always goes to the filmmaker. The Distrify model and technology have been pioneered by co-founders Peter Gerard and Andy Green.

Distrify is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland.

For more information about Distrify, visit the corporate website at

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