We Maximize Your Profit

Our Efficiencies Save You Money

Gung-Ho helps you save money by making sure that everything you sell is manufactured, sold, and distributed in the most cost-effective manner. Although our efficiencies may not help you make as much money as increasing your sales, you can immediately start saving money by being as efficient as possible in each step of the manufacturing and distribution process.

We give film rights holders the power to digitally and physically distribute their films directly to their audiences at the lowest cost in the industry. Film owners no longer have to pay a huge portion of their DVD revenues to the Amazons and Apples of the world. With our low fees, we can easily add 70% to the filmmaker’s bottom line!

John L. Wade, Founder & CEO, Gung-Ho Company


How It Works – GENIE Puts All The Pieces Together

For over 30 years, Gung-Ho has been an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of discs and print. To support digital film distribution and online marketing, Gung-Ho partnered with Distrify, the premier global online film distributor. We fully integrated our e-commerce systems and now seamlessly process every type of film order in every format – digital downloads, streaming content, and physical distribution on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. All manufacturing and distribution information is stored in our secure GENIE database allowing you to easily know and grow your film sales.

From initial order through final delivery, every step in the process is integrated and flows smoothly:


Don’t Be Fooled By Amazon And All The Others Charging High Commissions

If you think selling through third parties like Amazon is enough, think again. Most third-parties provide Web stores that keep at least 30% of the retail price on film every sale. With Gung-Ho’s low-fee Web stores, you not only have the freedom to sell whatever you want, you can also avoid enormous commissions and put more money in your pocket.
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Compare The Difference

Let’s keep the numbers small. Suppose you sell a $15 film through Amazon. The cost for the DVD is about $5, their commission is roughly $5, so you net around $5. With Gung-Ho, the cost for the DVD is also about $5, but we only charge a low 10% transaction fee of $1.50, so your net increases from $5 to $8.50 which equals a 70% increase in your bottom line!

That’s not to say, stop selling at Amazon, or any other third-party site. If they can help you increase your sales, use them for incremental business. But when someone visits your Web site, don’t steer them away to a third-party and sacrifice how much you put in your pocket,
Let Gung-Ho build and manage your Web store where you can maximize the profit you deserve!

We Efficiently Make And Ship All Of Your Physical Products

We provide every type of physical product you want to put into the hands of your customer. Whether it’s a simple direct-to-consumer DVD or an award-winning retail boxed set, you can get it all from us. We also provide film-related products like movie posters, printed scripts, advertising specialties, and merchandise. For merchandise that is more cost-effective to produce offshore, we have socially and ethically responsible partners that can supply virtually any collateral items you’d like to sell.
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We Have The Right Equipment For The Quantity You Need

All of our manufacturing equipment is designed to produce the highest quality product. But that’s not enough. It’s also important to use the right type of equipment for the quantity. Sometimes you may only need a few items, or even just one. Other times, you need more and should benefit from the lower pricing achieved by manufacturing higher quantities. With our full range of equipment, your products are always manufactured using the most cost-effective equipment for the job. And the best part, we automatically move your production to the equipment that is most efficient for the quantity you need.

On Demand One-Offs – Zero Inventory
Our on demand digital printing and disc duplication equipment cost-effectively produces one item at a time. Manufacturing does not begin until an order is placed so there is no costly inventory. And since each item is produced individually, we can even add unique product and customer information so you can personalize everything you sell.
Short Run 5-250 Quantity – Minimal Inventory
Our short run digital equipment is designed to cost-effectively manufacture low quantities of 5 to 250 units. Unit costs are lower than on demand because of larger production runs. Inventory is kept to the minimum necessary for pick, pack, and ship. And we closely monitor inventory to reduce any cost of obsolescence and allow for future product revisions.
Long Run 250+ Quantity – Managed Inventory
For larger runs, such as a new release, our offset printing and disc replication equipment is used to achieve the lowest unit cost possible. Inventory typically moves quickly to fill the distribution channel. Then, as your need for larger quantities decreases, we automatically move your manufacturing to our more cost-effective short run and on demand equipment.

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Our Solutions Are All About Landed Cost

Simply stated, “Landed Cost” is the total cost of a product once it has arrived at the customer’s door. Landed cost includes the cost of the product itself, the cost to process an order, and all of the shipping costs to get that product to the customer within a specified time. At Gung-Ho, we always focus on landed cost because that is the true total cost our clients ultimately pay to get their products delivered to their customers worldwide. To make sure the landed cost is as low as possible, we use our powerful GENIE technologies to route product manufacturing to the facility closest to the consumer, retailer, or distributor, then we assign the least expensive carrier and service type required to get the product delivered on time.

We Digitally Download And Stream Your Films

Through our strategic partnership with Distrify, we seamlessly integrate our physical product distribution with their state-of-the-art digital content distribution. That means you can sell and distribute your film in every format – DVD, Blu-ray disc, “pay-to-own” digital download, or “pay-to-view” streaming rental – and every option to buy is just a single click away!

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