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Gung-Ho increases your total sales by helping you sell everything you possibly can – your film and film-related products – in every format, through every available channel. You’ve done the hard part in creating your film. Now it’s time to sell it to the world.



We Turn Your Trailer Into A One-Click Ordering Machine

It’s simple. Anywhere you place your trailer becomes a way to take an order. From the moment someone starts viewing your film, they see “rent” and “buy” buttons that let them stream your film as a rental or purchase it as a download. The viewer also has the option to purchase a package that includes a DVD. No matter what they choose, we do the rest. Pay-to-view and pay-to-own are now just one click away – it couldn’t be any easier to turn your film views into film sales.

From Film View To Film Sale With Just One Click

> Streaming (Rent)

> Download (Buy)

> DVD / Blu-ray Disc (Buy)


Use The Power Of Social Media To Market Your Films

The power of today’s social media is staggering. Through word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews, your film can go viral and be an instant, overnight success. Turn every view into a potential sale by embedding your trailer in Facebook, Twitter, your blog, forum, or any other social network. Then, sit back and watch your sales grow.

Use Our Marketplaces To Sell Your Films

We provide marketplaces where all of your films can be displayed for sale. We also manage affiliate programs so others can display and sell your films. Bottom line, our marketplaces make it easy for you to generate more sales and we will take care of all the details including paying any commissions.

Sell Printed Products And Merchandise

Don’t stop at just selling films. Today’s consumers are anxious to buy more. With your own Web store, which we can build and manage, you are free to sell every film-related product possible including movie posters, printed scripts, advertising specialties, and merchandise. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can sell.

Sell Through Retailers And Distributors

Anything you sell on the Web can be sold into the retail channel. With over 30 years of experience in worldwide manufacturing and distribution, we know how to get your products on store shelves. GUARD, our “Gung-Ho Universally Approved Retailer Direct” program, ensures that all retailer and distributor packaging, shipping, and EDI requirements are met – first time, every time.

Target, Sell, Cross-Sell, And Upsell To Your Existing Audience

This is the grand slam – where you knock it out of the park! Once your sales information is in our secure GENIE system, you not only “know” your total sales (and where they came from), you can now use the power of our GENIE technologies to “grow” your sales with targeted sales campaigns and promotions that let you sell more film products to your existing film audience.

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