We Make It Easy

We Make It Easy For Your Films To Make More Money

At Gung-Ho Films, we have one simple goal: We want to help your films make more money!

To accomplish that, we help you manage all of the challenges you face in an age where celluloid has gone digital and the Web has taken over as both a way to drive film sales and deliver film content:

  • You want to increase your gross sales of films and film-related products and merchandise.
  • You want to sell your films in every format: discs, digital downloads, and streaming rentals.
  • You want to maximize your net profit with efficient physical and digital film distribution.
  • You want to easily manage all of the complex options using reliable solutions you can trust.

You worked hard to create your film. You worried over every detail to make sure your film is perfect. Now it’s time to bring your film to the world and reap the benefits.

John L. Wade, Founder & CEO, Gung-Ho Company


We Bring Our Talent To Your Films

At Gung-Ho, we are experts at solving today’s challenges. For the past 30 years, we have worked closely with the leaders of the high-tech industry. We saw the issues they faced and we developed innovative technologies to cost-effectively deliver their physical and digital software products.

With the launch of Gung-Ho Films, we bring our 30+ years of software publishing expertise to the film community so filmmakers and film rights owners can increase their sales and maximize the profit they receive from digital and physical film distribution.

We give film rights holders the power to digitally and physically distribute their films directly to their audiences at the lowest cost in the industry.

John L. Wade, Founder & CEO, Gung-Ho Company

At A Glance

Gung-Ho Films provides film rights holders with solutions guaranteed to increase their sales and maximize the profit they receive from digital and physical film distribution.

Quick Facts

  • Monthly Capacity for Orders of More Than 100 Million DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, Printed Materials, Merchandise, and Packaging
  • GENIE Technologies are Maintained in a Secure SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center
  • 99.999% Order Fulfillment Accuracy for Over 16 Years

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How Our Solutions Make It Easy For You

When we create your custom solution, whether it’s to manage all of the pieces or just one piece, you can rest assured that we will make it easy for you to reap the greatest reward with the least effort.

Our Process: We start by actively listening and engaging in dialog to make sure we clearly understand your immediate requirements and long-term goals. We then present logical step-by-step solutions to reach your goals in a prioritized manner. The solutions we offer will address all of your options and include in the most efficient, seamless, and integrated implementation plan possible.

Our Technologies: We are a “technocentric” company that relies heavily on our powerful and proven GENIE technologies in the design and implementation of your custom solution. But we don’t stop with what we already know. We also ask for your input as to what our technology would do for you in a “perfect world.” And if it’s possible, we will do it.

Our Program Management: Even with all of our technology, making and delivering custom products requires human involvement and our professional program managers are the best. They are experts at managing all of the details. Nothing is overlooked. They are fully empowered and authorized to do whatever it takes – including spending money without managerial approval – to make sure everything is delivered as promised, on time, and within budget.

Our Performance: We know what we’re doing. Our Order Fulfillment Accuracy is 99.999% and we have never lost a client based upon our quality or performance. We simply do what we say. We even guarantee it with penalties if we don’t – which is easy for us because we’ve never had to pay a penalty!

In our largest rollout ever, Gung-Ho manufactured and distributed over 1.2 million software kits to thousands of retail outlets nationwide during the first week of production. More importantly, they guaranteed they would be able to do it and agreed to pay hefty penalties if they failed – penalties they didn’t have to pay because they performed exactly as promised.

Gene Goldenberg, Senior VP of Software and E-Commerce, H&R Block

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